Bahar Yurukoglu

Bahar Yurukoglu’s Primordial Future envelops visitors in a kaleidoscope of color. To create this site-specific installation, the artist photographed various compositions of colored Plexiglas in her studio, and then digitally stitched these images together to create abstract videos. The videos are then projected onto vibrantly colored, geometrically shaped pieces of Plexiglas that protrude from the gallery walls. Though Primordial Future is very much an artificially constructed landscape, or “neoscape” as the artist refers to it, the work draws inspiration from nature. During a recent residency in Iceland, Yurukoglu photographed the summertime phenomenon known as “Midnight Sun,” where, at extreme northern latitudes, the sun never sets. Every hour for twenty-four hours, she took a photograph of the intensely chromatic sky and its impression on the rocky vista below. The experience of this remarkable natural occurrence inspired Yurukoglu’s installation, which similarly features the shifting hues of light across a jagged landscape.






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