Till I get it right

Till I Get It Right a group exhibition of an intergenerational group of artists, almost all of them exhibiting for the first time in Mexico. The exhibition is not merely a gathering of works and artists, but a stand against the dictatorship of perfection.It is about persistence, repetition and the beauty of failure.

Artists in the exhibition: Kasper Bosmans, Belgium, 1990 / Lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Edith Dekyndt, Belgium, 1960 / Lives and works in Tournai, Belgium. Ceal Floyer, Pakistan, 1968 / Lives and works in Berlin. Janice Guy, United Kingdom, 1953 / Lives and works in New York City. Gary Indiana, United States, 1950 / Lives and works in New York. Erika Keck, New Mexico, 1976 / Lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. Izhar Patkin, Israel, 1976 / Lives and works in New York. Nicolas Provost, Belgium, 1969 / Lives and works in New York. Hans Witschi, Switzerland, 1954 / Lives and works in New York.

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