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Thomas Friedrich Schäfer

Thomas Friedrich Schäfer was born in 1983 in Mainz, Germany, and was raised in Sao Paulo, Brasil. He then returned to Germany to study, receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Photography at the Berliner Technische Kunsthochschule in February of 2014. In his return to Germany, Thomas faced extremely different social situations and family backgrounds, and since then has tried to reconcile himself with his memories and his past.


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I Dropped the Lemon Tart

I Dropped the Lemon Tart, is a group exhibition featuring Josef Bauer, Gene Beery, Leon Benn, Vern Blosum, Todd Bourret, Mathew Cerletty, Gelitin, Jenny Holzer, Ray Johnson, Sean Landers, Mernet Larsen, Scott Reeder, David Shrigley, Emily Mae Smith, Ben Vida, Yonatan Vinitsky, and Amy Yao.

“I Dropped the Lemon Tart examines the entire spectrum of the fallout from this only human constant, from the slapstick to the abject. Rather than celebrate failure, the exhibition centralizes failure as something that permeates all aspects of being. It is woven into the very nature of perception and sensation, and imbues all of our relationships, at every level—from the personal and emotional to the societal. It foils our ambitions. Its inevitability is hilarious or unjust”

View more at Lisa Cooley, NYC

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Dorothy Iannone

Dorothy Iannone, born in Boston, Massachusetts, lives and works in Berlin. Dorothy’s work is a constant dialogue of love and loving, explored through beautiful blend of imagery and text. They are documents investigating the transformative journey in a quasi folk lore paradigms.

View more at Air de Paris

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Gina Beavers

Gina Beavers, Born 1974 in Athens, Greece, Lives and works in New York. Strong daily snapshots of the ordinary is generally her theme. Her series ‘re-animator’ explores such scenes captures frozen in splits, making the whole thing actually feel like a persona animated in. Her technique of working the forms with slight relief adds beautifully to the subjects portrayed, something like a packed supermarket commodity.

View more: Gina Beavers / Clifton Benevento

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Dave Kinsey

Dave Kinsey is an American artist and designer, liveing and working in Los Angeles and Three Rivers, California.
“The most difficult thing about creating a painting is going through the process of finding a connection in what I see and feel in the world around me, while also seeking a visual harmony between the beauty and chaos of the human.” – Dave Kinsey.

Dave has a new solo show, “The Modern Condition,” at FFDG in San Francisco opened August 14, 2015. This is his third solo at the gallery, and featuring nine works on canvas composed of acrylic and collage.

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Julia Randall

Julia Randall lives and works in New York City and in Connecticut. She is in love with drawing, exploring the seductive psyche, stimulation, drawn from heightened sense of desire and sensibilities. Though her imagery is woven in a fantasy realm, she uses hyper-realistic treatment to bring all that more closer to reality and makes it somehow fathomable.

View more: Julia Randall

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Alex Louisa

Alex Louisa is a Brisbane based artist with a knack for painting feathers, leaves, seedpods, lichen, shells, insects and bones, gathered through her wanderings. Her work, an hybrid yet true still life, is also merged with live elements, juxtaposing the still elements alongside live ones. These are carefully observed elements, represented beautifully in her compositions.

View more: Alex’s Website

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Alex Clarke & Ellen Macdonald

Alex Clarke & Ellen Macdonald work in close proximity, having studied together at the Royal Academy Schools,
London. In 2012 they took part in a month-long residency in Sparkill, New York. Ellen’s work focuses on the process of mediation that occurs in painting, to examine the relationship between objects and actions, and how this relationship intersects with representation. Alex Clarke creates variant groups of paintings which, through a process of continuous drawing, making, editing and re-arranging, build a social dynamic of relationships, support networks, dialogues, ideas and counter-ideas from painting to painting.

View more: Nicelle Beauchene Gallery

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Lucy Kim

Lucy Kim, raised between South Korea, Myanmar, and the United States, lives and works in Cambridge, Massachusetts. She is the recipient of the Carol Schlosberg Memorial Prize and the Ellen Battell Stoeckel Fellowship from Yale, as well as the Boston Artadia Award.

Her process involves life casting an object in plastic, and then recasting and remolding it until the original source becomes unrecognizable. Kim then paints over the casts, lending a handmade touch to what would otherwise appear to be a manufactured image. Her work is full of symbolism as well as studies of form and space.

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Ceramics & Graphite

Ceramics & Graphite is a group exhibition comprising the work of twenty artists with ceramics and graphite as the primary medium. The exhibition focuses on solid gestures and a kinetic immediacy of expression at the hand of a spiky pencil or a malleable putty. An exhibition that invests in the expressive physicality of the materials.

With Laura Aldridge, Felicia Atkinson, Peppi Bottrop, Lucy Coggle, Tommaso Corvi-Mora, Emilie Ding, Jérémie Gindre, Emma Hart, Hannah James, Klara Kayser, Marthe Krüger, Bevis Martin and Charlie Youle, Lucie Mičíková, Diogo Pimentão, Vanessa Safavi, Erik Steinbrecher, Ignacio Uriarte, J. Parker Valentine, Renata Ward.

View more at: Ceramics & Graphite at CHERT

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Christian Boltanski – Heartbeats

The acclaimed French artist Christian Boltanski has a new exhibition ‘Heartbeats’ opens at Baró Gallery. The show, to be inaugurated on August 1, 2015, consists of a single immersive installation that will occupy the ground floor of the gallery space in Jardins, Sao Paulo.

The installation is an adaptation of “work In progress” Les Archives du Coeur which, since 2005, has been touring various art institutions collecting heart beats of audiences around the world. The work – a kind of universal existential record, according to the artist himself – takes shape the extent that these public records are being added to the permanent archive of the artist, installed in the remote Japanese island Teshima. In Heartbeats, the process is reversed: instead of collecting the beats of visitors, Boltanski shares his own. Through amplifiers, sounds resonate throughout the room inviting the public to a dip in the heart of the artist. The organ, commonly associated with the symbol of life, is presented here as a common bond while composing the uniqueness of all beings.

View more: Baró Galeria

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Shintaro Miyake

Shintaro Miyake is a Japanese artist who in Tokyo lives and works. He works primarily in the media of drawing, performance, installation and sculpture. He makes large-scale detailed scenes with recurring characters, though they do not contain a narrative all the time. His detailed compositions are filled with lively characters, elaborate scenes and a sense of procedural enactment of transforming the persona through different costumes and environments.

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Tam Ochiai

Tam Ochiai ia a Japanese artist, living and working in New York. His work is constantly surprising in terms of his approach and chosen mediums, which to date include film, artist books, drawing, painting, installation, photography, and sculpture. He is also known for consciously avoiding a single personal style. His works are more like a video documentation of his trip between the first and last cities listed in a dictionary or deconstruct objects and texts in order to rearrange and represent them.

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Ruth Root

Ruth Root is a the New York-based artist with a new solo exhibition at Andrew Kreps Gallery. Ruth Root graduated from Brown University, Rhode Island, in 1990, and completed her MFA at the Art Institute of Chicago in 1993.

Ruth Root’s new works are two part pieces: a designed, digitally printed fabric and a painted Plexiglas element. Her work retains a distinct exploration of material, form and space. Merged together, the digital and hand painted parts contributes further to the flux, towards an organised chaos and plasticity of everything around.

View more: Andrew Kreps Gallery.

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Mark Bradley Shoup

Mark Bradley Shoup is an American artist exploring the ordinary cityscapes generally missed by everyone. His new works, scenes from around the city: mobile home trailers, lifeguard towers, empty containers, lit with sharp daylight and flat shaded.

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Lara Favaretto

Lara Favaretto is an Italian artist known for her site specific installations. She is an Young Italia prize winner artist with her first work making it way into museum permanent collection.

Her new show at Maxxi: Good luck is an installation comprising of eighteen of the twenty centophs: empty tombs erected with combination of surfaces in wood, brass and earth. The symbolism, preserved memory and belongings of mortal domain, is strong and clear.


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Toni Hamel

Toni Hamel is a Canadian artist, living and working in Oshawa, a suburb of Toronto, Canada. In her own words, her work is “an illustrated commentary on human frailties”. It is story telling in the true sense of the word, derived from her personal experiences and observations, exploring the fine nuances of the contemporary world and often a dialogue about the sense of chaos that surrounds our age as is.

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