Flat World

Flat World includes works by Richard Artschwager, Tauba Auerbach, Will Boone, Jeff Elrod, Robert Grosvenor, Peter Halley, Lee Lozano, John Mason, and Charlotte Posenenske. It is, on the surface, an exhibition concerned with the formal condition of flatness and its iterations in a variety of media. But it also offers a broader look at how compression is more than just an indicator of limited perspective; Flat World contrarily demonstrates that flatness can become a container for unexpected depths, complexity, and discovery. In addition, with objects on view made in the 1960s, the 1980s, and 2010s, the show uses flatness as a focus point to trace an arc of formal development as one century, and one millennium, gave way to the next, and major art historical movements saw their themes compressed and therefore transposed.








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