Sungsoo Kim

Korean painter born in Busan in 1969 and currently residing in Seoul, Sungsoo Kim seems to make the pictorial expression of a contemporary world where, despite the glitter of modernity, continues to be shut down, fade. On monochrome backgrounds sometimes pastels, he portraiture amorphous subjects, slumped, crushed by the vacuum around them. The realism of their features, with an emphasis on the eye responds to the sketch details. The eye, as specified, and facing the surrounding solitude, obviously betrays interiority as the last living space, but also recalls the importance of perceptions, own and external, in the construction or personal oblivion. A splenetic painting where seriality, depersonalization and ephemeral reign. Just like its series  Melancholy , Bad Flower  and Duplicate , whose explicit Titles semantics aside some doubt. – See more at:








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