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Zimra Beiner

Zimra Beiner is based in Ohio where he teaches ceramics at Bowling Green State University. His work is included in the Gardiner Museum’s 4th Annual “RBC Emerging Artist People’s Choice Award.” Here is a great article on Beiner’s work on C File.

“Looking, translating and making are continuously mixed together in a loop in which the boundary between art and life become tangled…I consider myself primarily an object maker, however I’ve become increasingly interested in scale, composition, and the relationship between objects to space. Therefore the way objects sit on objects, rest on the floor, and are supported in space requires careful consideration. Some of the most recent work uses wet clay, wooden boxes or books to support ceramic objects in place. The resulting still lives are a reflection on knowledge, imagination and the precarious confliction resulting from one supporting the other.” – Zimbra Beiner







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