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On July 18th, 2015, Mt. Melvil will present “Do You Agree?” the first solo show by Alex G.Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alex is a promising contemporary artist whose artwork is unique beyond comparison. Using acrylic paint on wood, Alex aims to create relatable visual narrative through stark figurative compositions. “When looking at art, I find it important to consider three questions; what is the artist trying to say (concept/story/mood), how are they saying it (style/technique/medium), and whether or not I can relate to it. In making my work I am actively withholding the second question.

My work is figurative and heavily drawn from personal experience but is created without any intent to communicate specifics. Rather than explicitly illustrating distinct moments/people in life, I try to capture the mood and feeling they can carry. The figures have no identity beyond sex. The environments have no context or representation of actual places. Tertiary elements are limited to plants. The aim is to allow a scene, in which the viewers could project their own characters and plot line.” – Alex G

“Do You Agree?” will take the viewer on to a peerless journey of an experience with intriguing synergistic effect. The show title in many ways becomes a joke, because there is nothing presented for the viewer to actually decide whether or not they agree.

This is also our first collaboration in our new creative space below our production office. Kicking off with an extraordinary artist Alex G, we are truly excited to collaborate, support, and get inspired by diverse artists in the future alongside our production services.





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