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Christian Boltanski – Heartbeats

The acclaimed French artist Christian Boltanski has a new exhibition ‘Heartbeats’ opens at Baró Gallery. The show, to be inaugurated on August 1, 2015, consists of a single immersive installation that will occupy the ground floor of the gallery space in Jardins, Sao Paulo.

The installation is an adaptation of “work In progress” Les Archives du Coeur which, since 2005, has been touring various art institutions collecting heart beats of audiences around the world. The work – a kind of universal existential record, according to the artist himself – takes shape the extent that these public records are being added to the permanent archive of the artist, installed in the remote Japanese island Teshima. In Heartbeats, the process is reversed: instead of collecting the beats of visitors, Boltanski shares his own. Through amplifiers, sounds resonate throughout the room inviting the public to a dip in the heart of the artist. The organ, commonly associated with the symbol of life, is presented here as a common bond while composing the uniqueness of all beings.

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