Bernard Moninot

Bernard Moninot is a french artist, lives and works in Paris and Château-Chalon (Jura). His early works are placed in the wake of the New Figuration. He began exhibiting in the early 1970s, works evoking the urban environment: stores, drugstores, gas stations, greenhouses. He is the master of shadow play of the objects and surfaces. Hi work is complex studies of objects, light, shadow and surfaces, where the three dimensional objects interacts with he pure two dimensional shadowed surfaces and its interplay with light and movement. In these works, Bernard Moninot puts competing real space and fictional space of representation. The windows are themselves put under glass and pattern unfolds on two levels.

In the early 1980s, he uses glass as support, fixing on the reverse, carbon black, various pigments, iron filings, silica or graphite powder to evoke architectural elements, strange shadows tools measuring or fragile metal constructions.

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