About Pixelgray


Pixelgray is a platform for all the visual arts – from paintings to sculpture, photography, performance and video art. It is a showcase of everything in recent contemporary art, graphic design, photography and everything else that is genuinely artistic.

About the blogger
Bharat Sarwiya is an award winning Director/ Designer exercising his skills in film, art and design. For nearly 12 years, Bharat has worked with studios all around the world. His work has been featured in major festivals including Lumen, Eclipse, Onedotzero, US International Film Festival and Webcuts, just to name a few.

An applied arts graduate with masters in art history, Bharat is an active artist with several solo and group art exhibitions under his sleeve. His work reflects a strong, yet fine, modernist approach towards design, typography and animation. He also dabbles in filmed art, sound design, music and photography.