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Tommy Nease

Tommy Nease is a Seattle base photographer capturing some amazing, quasi-surreal narrative photographs. His work is full of stories, full of symbols and might feel a bit dark at times. These photographs are like found lost documents engaging you to …


Vogue Like a Painting

Distinct worlds of fashion and art, constantly merging, mixing together, maybe now more than ever: growing number of ground breaking exhibitions about fashion designers, brands, art initiatives, and artists collaborating with fashion brands. But even after all the convergence, fashion …

Joni Niemelä

Joni Niemelä is a fine art nature-photographer from Finland. His most beautiful works are extreme closeups of flora and fauna which resembles something out of an alien world. Captivating images from his homeland Finland. His work can regularly be found …


Guillaume Ama

Guillaume Ama, Born in 1980, based in Paris.  He is dedicated to long-term projects which produce photographic narratives. Aiming to adapt the camera to the subject and the way in which to narrate a story by using different types of …


Gerco de Ruijter

Gerco de Ruijter | 1961, Vianen (NL) Gerco de Ruijter experiments with the eye of the camera in an unusual way, he photographs landscapes with a camera attached to a kite or to a large fishing rod. The intenstity of …


Joe Rudko

A recent graduate of Western Washington University’s BFA program, Joe Rudko has exhibited in Portland, Seattle, and Bellingham in the Northwest, as well as been included in exhibitions in Los Angeles, Memphis and New York. His work has been featured …


Martin Usborne

Martin Usborne has key interest is man’s relationship to (other) animals. Although his imagery is sometimes dark – capturing the way in which we silence, control or distance ourselves from other animal. His pictures strive for a subtle humour.


Eva Roovers

Eva Roovers is an artist specialized in product photography. Trough a carefully selected color pallet and with a delicate eye for textures and surfaces she creates playful but refined images. In a bold colorful style she combines the impossible, what …


Anthony Zinonos

Anthony Zinonos is a collage illustrator and artist based in the fine city of Norwich, U.K. He has applied his unique collage style to a wide range of editorial, advertising, book illustration, murals, animation and 3D work .


Michael Cook

Michael Cook’s series Majority Rule asks the question: “What if Indigenous people were 96 percent of the Australian population and non-Indigenous people defined as the four percent?” With a single Indigenous subject multiplied many times in each shot, these photographs …

made from various photographs - 2010

Unlike traditional photography, which seizes an instant of reality, Marsolier's images are shot in different places over the course of several months, then layered and blended until the real and fabricated become a singularly unique image. The resulting hyperreal photographs feel like viewing a place we know, but can't quite identify. It is this sense of disorientation in Marsolier's work that deliberately inclines the viewer to question the nature of both their medium and content, and references the shift in awareness one might experience during a period of transition.

Lauren Marsolier

Lauren Marsolier creates spaces that are convincingly real using multiple photographs, unrelated fragments of the outside world collected over time in a variety of locations. Months or years often separate the capture of elements juxtaposed in her landscapes. Her photomontages …